Tech Guys is a business and residential on-site tech support company. We provided just about every type of technical support you could imagine, from networking and training, to smart home and smart office and cyber security.

We serve the West Coast cities of Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Portland, San Diego, Seattle and Vancouver, BC.  We’ve been in business since 2002 when we were known as the Computer Guys. In 2014 We changed our name to Tech Guys in response to the proliferation of technology beyond the computer.  In March of 2020 we also launched a tech blog and an online store with a focus on tech help for the everyday person.

Need tech help?
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Los Angeles            310-407-0582

Seattle                     206-736-2556

Vancouver BC         236-259-0309

Bay Area                 415-645-5165

San Diego               619-894-9139

Portland                  503-606-8956

Inland Empire         951-261-8251

Customer Testimonials:

“(Tech) Matt Ebert is the best!  Very patient, clever, and resourceful.”  –Dana in Seattle

“He (Tech Isaac España) did everything I needed and totally knew what was going on with my situation.”  –Daniel in San Francisco

 “(Tech) Isaac was kind, knowledgeable, patient, and willing to do whatever it took to get my problem solved.  After determining that my broken TV wasn’t fixable, he came with me to Best Buy to get a new one, and then to Cole Hardware to get an appropriate-sized stand. He took the time not only to get my new TV set up but to make sure I understood it all myself. I’m extremely technologically challenged, and I could not have gotten more supportive help. He’s the best!”          –Monica in San Francisco

“He (Tech Michael) was good. I’m definitely going to call back…refer you.”  –William of Premier Rover, San Diego’s Land Rover repair specialists

Tech Services:

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