The new Google GPay is everything we need

By Chrome Unboxed

I’m truly impressed with what the Pay team has done here and the overhaul of their app is designed to help you save money and get insights into your spending habits. It will no doubt drastically change the way we bank and manage our financial relationships with businesses and individuals alike. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at everything that was shown off today!

Designed with relationships at the center

The new app has been redesigned around relationships instead of transactions. People and businesses fill the home screen, but it’s actually a lot deeper than that. Each bubble you see with the face of one of your contacts or the logo of a business you’ve recently interacted with houses a ‘conversation’ of sorts. All of your transactions with them are shown in chat-style bubbles and if you’ve sent or received payments from a friend or family member, you can message them back and forth about the transaction. Businesses are more of a one-way conversation as you can’t chat with them at this time, but your loyalty cards for these places do show at the top of the chat along with any relevant offers. It’s genius though, really. The rest of your loyalty cards are still housed in the app at the top right with your default credit or debit card.

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