How To Save an Old Laptop by Installing Chrome OS Flex

How To Save an Old Laptop by Installing Chrome OS Flex

Google has released software that can turn any old laptop into a like-new Chromebook.

By Gizmodo

It’s not pleasant seeing a once-beloved laptop (or desktop) computer slowly slide into obsolescence as it gets too old and tired to keep up with the demands of modern-day computing, but Google has now provided an option for these ailing machines in the form of Chrome OS Flex.

Chrome OS Flex is the standard Chrome OS that runs on Chromebooks, in a form that you can install on computers that aren’t Chromebooks. The idea is that the lightweight operating system won’t weigh your old device down to the same extent as Windows or macOS. It’s essentially just a web browser, and hey presto, your laptop or desktop has a new lease on life.

We should warn you that this project is in its very, very early stages: Google says it’s in “early access” mode and is “still unstable” at this point. As a result, you should expect some weird behavior and bugs—at the moment, this is really something to attempt on laptops that you’re otherwise going to get rid of.

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