The best email marketing tools for 2023

The Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Business 2023

Email marketing is an effective way to reach and engage with your audience, but with so many email marketing software options available, it can be challenging to know which one to choose. In this blog post, we’ll provide a comparison of eight popular email marketing providers to help you determine which one is best for you.

Google Photos is adding a ton of new useful features for all phones

Google Photos is adding a ton of new useful features for all phones

Google is adding new ways of organizing on-device and images on Google Photos separately, including new tools to better manage screenshots and screenshot upload clutter.
You’ll also be able to better manage sharing with a partner or family and friends in the newly redesigned sharing tab.
This new Google Photos update will be rolling out to all Android phones in the coming weeks and iOS in the near future.
If you’ve been a Google Photos user for any period of time, you know how dense your photo library can get. While Google has long offered many tools to help keep your library clean and organized, it was missing a few key features that are being added in a new Google Photos update(opens in new tab) that’ll be rolling out to Android phones over the next few weeks. iOS users will need to wait a bit longer to see them, though.



Not everyone cares about having the absolute best TV specs or pristine picture quality. It turns out there are a lot of people who hate having a traditional TV — this ugly black rectangle — disrupting the vibe and decor of their living room. Those are the same people who have turned Samsung’s The Frame TV into such a big hit. I’ve got family members and co-workers who’ve all bought The Frame in the last year because of how well it disguises itself as a piece of art when not being used. You can customize the TV’s bezels and swap between different options to get exactly the look you want when it’s on your wall.

However, some of those folks might soon wish they’d waited a little bit longer to buy. Because, for 2022, Samsung has introduced a matte display that cuts way back on glare and makes artwork showcased by The Frame almost look like canvas. I recently got the chance to check out the matte Frame and compare it side by side with last year’s model, and even though the older Frame by no means had what I’d consider a “glossy” display, the difference was pretty remarkable. It was to the point where I questioned whether I was looking at an actual TV set and had to get up close to hunt for pixels. They were indeed there.

5 Reasons Why Google Drive Is a Security Risk

5 Reasons Why Google Drive Is a Security Risk

Google Drive is an incredibly useful cloud storage solution that offers numerous features and benefits. With Google Drive, sharing documents and working remotely as a team has never been easier. As part of the Google Suite, Google Drive offers seamless integration with other Google services.

However, there are some security risks associated with using Google Drive that you should be aware of. So why is Google Drive still a security risk? How can your data be compromised through the service?

5 ways you’re ruining your expensive phone, laptop, tablet, and TV

5 ways you’re ruining your expensive phone, laptop, tablet, and TV

How many smartphones have you dropped and shattered? It’s an awful feeling – seeing it falling to the ground and knowing there’s nothing you can do.

Years ago, I put a tempered glass screen protector on my phone. The best part is when you drop your phone, and the glass gets nicked, you simply remove the protector, and it’s good as new. Here’s a link to the brand I have used for years, ESR.

Our devices are big investments. You need to treat your tech well to get your money’s worth. Regular maintenance is one way to stay ahead of the game. Tap or click for six checkups to do now to avoid a hefty repair bill later.

Based on calls to my show, emails, and questions posted on my website’s tech support forum, here are five common mistakes that could cost you:

Google Issues Emergency Security Update For 3.2 Billion Chrome Users—Attacks Underway

Update your Chrome Browser ASAP!

Google has issued an emergency security update for all Chrome users as it confirms that attackers are already exploiting a high severity zero-day vulnerability.

The emergency update to version 99.0.4844.84 of Chrome is highly unusual in that it addresses just a single security vulnerability. A fact that only goes to emphasize how serious this one is.

In a Chrome stable channel update announcement, published March 25, Google confirms it “is aware that an exploit for CVE-2022-1096 exists in the wild.”

All Chrome users are therefore advised to ensure their browsers are updated as a matter of urgency.

How To Save an Old Laptop by Installing Chrome OS Flex

How To Save an Old Laptop by Installing Chrome OS Flex

It’s not pleasant seeing a once-beloved laptop (or desktop) computer slowly slide into obsolescence as it gets too old and tired to keep up with the demands of modern-day computing, but Google has now provided an option for these ailing machines in the form of Chrome OS Flex. Chrome OS Flex is the standard Chrome OS that runs on Chromebooks, in a form that you can install on computers that aren’t Chromebooks. The idea is that the lightweight operating system won’t weigh your old device down to the same extent as Windows or macOS. It’s essentially just a web browser, and hey presto, your laptop or desktop has a new lease on life.

Sneaky Ways New YouTubers Can Get Views On YouTube

Sneaky Ways Your Business Can Get Views On YouTube

good practical advice about how to get organic traffic to YouTube or whatever platform you’re trying to work with. He gives great advice about how to get popular on Twitter and Instagram and why Reddit and Pinterest may be more relevant to your business than you realize.

Microsoft Just Gave A Billion Users A Reason To Quit Windows 

Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, you need to take immediate action! A serious vulnerability has been discovered in both platforms which Microsoft has not only failed to patch but actually made worse. Here’s everything you need to know.