Tech Guys Provides On-Site Tech Help

Tech Guys Tech Help

Do you or your business need tech help? Tech Guys can help you with most of your tech needs so you don’t have to worry! We provided just about every type of technical support you could imagine, from networking and training to smart home and smart office and cyber security.

We can help you with…


Smart Home

Wifi and Network

Cyber Security

Mobile Phone and Tablet

Audio and Video

Office Automation

Home Office

Training and Tutoring

Web and Social Media

Smart and Flat TV

Tech Shopping Service

Lux Tech Service

Websites and apps

We are Fast, Reasonable, and Friendly!

10% Discount for the disabled, seniors, vets and Non-Profits!

So call or text us today!

Los Angeles            310-407-0582

Seattle                     206-736-2556

Vancouver BC         236-259-0309

Bay Area                 415-645-5165

San Diego               619-894-9139

Portland                  503-606-8956

Inland Empire         951-261-8251

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