Sneaky Ways Your Business Can Get Views On YouTube

Sneaky Ways New YouTubers Can Get Views On YouTube

(Or any online content or business for that matter!)

We watched this video by successful YouTube guru Nick Nimmin, it’s awesome! He really knows his stuff!  He has a lot of really great advice about how to give your business more exposure with social media. A lot of these principles are talked about in the context of YouTube but we feel they could be applied to almost any online endeavor. He gives a lot of really good practical advice about how to get organic traffic to YouTube or whatever platform you’re trying to work with. He gives great advice about how to get popular on Twitter and Instagram and why Reddit and Pinterest may be more relevant to your business than you realize. He doesn’t just say “oh go and post on Reddit and Pinterest,” he tells you exactly what to do and why it works. So check it out and take your social media output to a whole new level!

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